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We bring the plurality into Futures



We strengthen futures literacy of people, i.e. their competence to use the future for different purposes and with different methods. To do this, we make your assumptions about the future visible and experiment with alternatives. Further information in German can be found in this video , this article or in the book "Futures - Open for Diversity" .

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We offer individually tailored events to strengthen your competence in dealing with the open, uncertain future.

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You will gain insights into the theory and practice of the future | education by means of an interactive lecture.

1 - 2 hours


You experience the whole magic of the four phases of a future | laboratory.

New solutions are concretized and their implementation prepared.

1 - 2 days


You and your team will dive deep into the magic of the futures | education

and learn to design and implement your own futures | laboratories and processes.

3 - 9 days


You will permanently strengthen the future | formation of your organization and work out new solutions for the future together with your partners.

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We are a diverse network of experts for futures literacy with many years of experience in the design and moderation of futures literacy events. We have been working closely with UNESCO's futures network for many years .

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Stefan Bergheim

Dr. Stefan Bergheim is the director of the Center for Societal Progress in Frankfurt, Germany, where he strengthens knowledge about the complex conditions for wellbeing. He promotes dialogue and the exchange of knowledge at the interfaces of topics, disciplines and interests using a large number of methods. As a member of UNESCO’s Futures Literacy network he designed and facilitated a large number of Futures Literacy Labs, contributed to the book “Transforming the Future”, and co-curated the 2019 Forum as well as the 2020 Summit.

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Stefanie Ollenburg
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Stefanie Ollenburg is a researcher, designer and facilitator and holds a master's degree in Futures Studies from the Freie Universität Berlin. Since then she has been passionately engaged in foresight processes, designerly thinking and Futures Literacy. She applies her extensive knowledge in teaching, projects and academia and accompanies participatory transformation processes. She was part of the consortium in the EU Erasmus+ project beFORE, which put together a prototype e-learning platform on Futures Studies and Futures Literacy.

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Martina Oettl
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 Martina Oettl is a Collaboration Designer and Facilitator. She designs and facilitates collective engagements in which she accompanies large groups of people to solve complex problems, harness opportunities and design futures. She uses a variety of methods including the MG Taylor Methodology, Futures Literacy, Design Thinking und Theory U. Martina has studied Performance Art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Sydney and lives currently in France.

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Martin A. Ciesielski

Martin A. Ciesielski is a banker and improvisation artist. He is managing partner of medienMOSAIK GbR - a studio for new communication cultures in the digital age. He conducts research on the past and future of (digital) money and develops the analog and virtual potentials of human cooperation with the help of artistic interventions. He is founder of the school of nothing.

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Lena Tünkers
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Lena Tünkers is an entrepreneur, story and business designer. Equipped with a theoretical toolbox of innovation, business and strategic foresight, Lena has gained a profound understanding of the corporate world as well as the power of intrapreneurship through her work with i.a. the UN, Spotify and HelloFresh. She draws her motivation and curiosity from the unknown and strives to inspire people with stories and visions about futures.

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Curious to experience

the magic of variety

& shape futures?

Immerse yourself into upcoming Zukünfte|Labs and join us on voyages to futures.
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